I'm Juliana de Lemos and I gratuated in Foreign Languages at UEL (Londrina - PR) in 2010. This blog aims to share teaching tips, ideas, experiences with the use of technology in the classroom with the colleagues from the specialization course - Formação de Professores de Língua Inglesa (Universidade Estadual de Maringá).


Lesson Plan (Profª Silene)

Juliana de Lemos

26th June 2011 

Professor Wilsilene Rodrigues Gatto – Subject: O Ensino de Línguas e as Novas Tecnologias.

Lesson Plan


Context: Upper-intermediate students of a private language institute.

Theme: A threat to the environment in Indonesia.

Resources: one computer by a pair of students with access to the Internet, Tumblr, Google, Greenpeace USA official website.




Justification: Using the Internet to learn English can turn lessons to be more interesting and challenging, just like teenagers need and like. As they were born in this new era - of technology, it is important to try to accomplish with this new tool when it is possible.




Objectives: To provide students with the study of a current subject (the environment), enable them to listen and read about it in the target language, help them to interpret and think critically about the topic under discussion in order to form an opinion about it. Also, entertain them with Ken’s cartoon and work with transcription.



1.       Getting started


Ask ss what they know about the organization Greenpeace. Elicit some actions that Greenpeace has done. In pairs, ss access www.google.com/images  and type “Greenpeace’s protests”. Ask what they found, what problem Greenpeaces’ activists are fighting against, when it happened and where. Ss may not be able to answer the questions only by looking at the image. They will have to look for more information on their own (the text behind the image, the subtitles, and so on). There is no need to write the answers at this stage.


2.       Ask ss the following questions: What’s the most famous doll in the world? What company produces the doll? Where is it? What materials are used to produce Barbie dolls? Can you make a relation between Barbie dolls’ production and Greenpeace?

 Ss access the website: http://www.greenpeace.org/usa/app-mattel-and-rainforests and watch the video Toying with forest destruction. Ss answer the following questions in the tumblr previously created by the teacher for the group:

 a) What is the problem in Indonesia presented in the beginning of the video?

b) What is MTH? What is it used for?

c) Which company uses Indonesia’s rainforests to make toy packaging?

d) What are the irregularities presented in the video?


3.       Now ss access http://www.greenpeace.org/international/en/campaigns/forests/asia-pacific/barbie/ and watch the video first without subtitles in English and a second time with the subtitles. Ask them a few questions to be answered using the group’s tumblr:

a)      How can you describe Ken’s personality?

b)      Does he know about Barbie’s bad actions in the beginning of the video?

c)       How does he gets to know about the problem involving Barbie and Indonesia’s rainforests?

d)      What’s his reaction?


4.       Each pair of ss is given numbers in order to set the order to read the subtitles and rewrite it correcting the mistakes in it. While ss wait for their time to do it, they read the report on  http://www.greenpeace.org/international/en/campaigns/forests/asia-pacific/barbie/ and do the following exercises.


1.       Glossary.

Match the words on the left with their definitions on the right.

a)      Fun

b)      Rainforests

c)       Nasty

d)      Trashing

e)      Wrap

f)       Packaging

g)      Feeding

h)      Wildlife

i)        Peatlands

j)        Wrecked

k)      Throw-away











(   ) Damaging, destroying.

 (   ) Very bad or unpleasant, mean.

(   ) Materials used to wrap or protect goods that are solved in shops.

(   ) Enjoyment, pleasure.

 (   ) A thick forest on tropical parts of the world that have a lot of rain.

(   ) To protect something with paper, plastic, etc.

 (   ) Destroyed

(    )The act of giving food to a person, an animal or a plant.

 (   ) Animals, birds, insects, that are wild and live in a natural environment.

(   ) An area of land consisting of peat bogs, usually containing many species of flora and fauna.

(   ) Produced cheaply and intended to be thrown away after use, disposable.



2.Make a summary of the text, thinking of everything that was said in this lesson and write about the subject. Mention where and what the problem is, who the people involved are, what Greenpeace is asking from population and what you think will happen. (Do you think Greenpeace will succeed? Explain).   


This video was a suggestion from my student Lucas Giacometti from the 3rd year of the Language Course at UEM. 

RSA Animate - Changing Education Paradigms (by theRSAorg)

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Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are

Ex. 1. Listen to the song and fill in the empty spaces with the words you hear.


Oh her……………….., her eyes
Make the ……………………………..look like they’re not shining
Her…………………………, her hair
Falls …………………….without her trying
She’s so ……………………
And I …………………..her every day

Ex. 2. Listen and put the words from the table in the right places.


look / think / compliment / know / believe / every


Yeah I……………….., I know
When I …………………….her
She won’t …………….me
And its so, its so
Sad to ……………. she don’t see what I see
But……………… time she asks me do I okay
I say

                                                           Ex. 3. Number the lines in the correct order.

………And when you smile,

………Just the way you are

………Cause you’re amazing
………Just the way you are
………When I see your face

………The whole world stops and stares for awhile

………There’s not a thing that I would change
………Cause girl you’re amazing

Ex. 4. Choose the word you hear from the three given.

Her lips, her  lips
I could  kiss / miss / tease  them all day if she’d let me
Her laugh, her laugh
She loves / hates / likes / but I think its so sexy
She’s so wonderful/ beautiful / peaceful
And I tell her every time / minute /day


Ex. 5. Listen and fill in the blanks with the word you hear.

            You are given the first letter.

Oh you k……………., you know, you know
I’d n………………….  ask you to c……………………..
If p………………….. is what you’re s………………….. for
Then just s……………. the same
So don’t even bother a…………………
If you l…………… okay
You know I s…………..

Webquest: student centered application

Webquests are interesting applications that foreign language teachers develop to be used in different ways. A teacher can give the introduction of a lesson, develop an activity to practice a subject, conclude a topic or even evaluate his/her students using webquests.  

They are computer-based activities that the teacher needs to build beforehand. They help students to be more independent, as they are supposed to follow steps, accessing a sort of different links and completing exercises and activities online.

It requires the students’ interest in technology and the will to learn in a different way. In my opinion, this is the kind of activity that teenagers would like more than adults, as they usually are more likely to accept challenges without feeling shy.   

wikispaces.com for collaborative work!

Group work provides the generation of ideas and opinions which lead to decisions. Today the modern trend in teaching is for students to work in pairs or small groups to prepare presentations for example. So,the website wikispaces.com is a nice example of what can be done to provide students with a more significant way to learn how to write in English.

The activity we did last Saturday in our Technology Lesson, in which we had to edit a text written by a L2 student could exemplify the aim of this tool. One student at time had to read the last text that was posted in order to make the adjustments that he/she thought was necessary. In the end, we had a final version, very well written because everybody could give their opinions and contribute with their knowledge.

So, instead of only asking for a piece of writing for our students, correcting grammar mistakes with red ink and giving it back for them to simply put it away, we could make a wikispace and everybody could help with ideas until the texts are ready. The teacher doesn’t need much technology skills because it is easy to use and it is free!!

Podcast, another innovative tool!

As we saw in our technology lessons, Podcasting is a way to broadcast audio and video files. It can be easily acessed through a computer with Internet. It exists since 2004 but many people are still unware of what they are. Some podcasts are similar to news radio programs, others are series that are delivered in a regular basis, for example.

Something nice about it is that it is showed for people all over the world, what can be very useful in English lessons. Podcasts can be used as an extra activity for our students, a way to show them a new way to study and be in contact with the language. It can also replace boring listening activities that some books have, as we can find several of material about different subjects. It’s worth trying!

Movie segments to assess grammar goals


Guys, this blog is incredible!

You can find many options of videos with activities to teach grammar topics.

It was created by Claudio Azevedo, a Brazilian teacher who works in Brasilia. His tips help me a lot!

Check it out!


Webquest prepared by Andressa Cristina Molinari and Juliana de Lemos

Aimed at students of Advanced Level of English.

Estimated time: 30’



1)      Read the synopsis of the film “The Picture of Dorian Gray”.



2) Now watch the trailer:


  • Which do you think represents a person better, a painting or a photograph? What is the difference between them? Which do you prefer?
  • How much can you tell of a person´s character by looking at their hair, face and expression?
  • Is it possible for a person to look innocent and beautiful, and yet be completely evil inside?

3)      Check this website:


  • How influenced are you by hairstyle, clothes and general image? Are first impressions of a person important?
  • In which situations can appearance influence in the career of a person?

4)      From what you have seen so far, give your opinion about the message of the song. You can have a look at the song lyrics.

Song: Young Forever – Mr. Hudson and Jay-Z


Song Lyrics: Young Forever – Mr. Hudson and Jay-Z

http://www.vagalume.com.br/jay-z/young-forever.html -

5) Prepare a list of words which are related to beauty and happiness. 

___________________         ___________________         _________________

___________________         ___________________         _________________

___________________         ___________________         _________________